Using Your Paper Scraps

paper scraps

If you are a scrapbooker, cardmaker, or all-around paper crafter, then you have probably amassed quite the collection of paper scraps.

In my collage above, I have shown some of the cards that I have made with my scrap pieces of paper. I keep all reasonable sized pieces of paper, as small strips of color, or tiny banners, can really add to a project! The majority of my scraps get stored in 12″ x 12″ bags, right along with the same color of full-sized sheets of paper. You can get a peek of that system here.

I recently came across an older article on that outlined 50 ways to use your scrap paper. You can check out all of the great ideas right here.

I’ll see you in the craft room,


My Craft Room: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my craft room tour! If you missed Part 1 or 2, you can view them here and here. In this part, we will take a closer look inside some of my baskets, boxes, and bins to see how I store some of my items.

I picked up these long pink baskets about 8 years or so ago at Walmart for $5 each. I saw a post somewhere about these being a perfect size to store CTMH’s 6″ x 6″ My Acrylix stamp sets… and they were correct! I have since tried to find these again, but haven’t been successful. *Sigh*

These baskets hold my retired stamp sets that I plan to keep, as well as some older, but still valid, Cricut-compatible stamp sets.

Craft room tour 36a.jpg

One of the green baskets on my large shelf holds my current stamp sets that I am actively working / creating with.

Craft room tour 35a.jpg

Okay, when you first enter my craft room, there is a bathroom straight ahead and a little bit of a hallway that has room enough for a large wooden shelf unit. I didn’t show any pictures of this in my last posts. It’s mainly my Etsy / shipping center, where anything for sale, ready to ship, extra padded envelopes, etc. are kept. It isn’t particularly crafty, except for these white storage bins.

I purchased 4 3-drawer bins from Target to hold my current projects, papers, stamp sets, and stamp of the month sets, all organized by month. The first bin (not pictured) starts with August, as this is the first month that the CTMH catalog goes live every year. So, I have an August, September, October bin, a November, December, January bin, etc. Here is a picture of my current drawers. As of the writing of this post, we are in November, and I am working on the “Pathfinding” papers, kits, and stamps this month. Each bin also houses any stamp sets from the Workshops on the Go Kits, and the current CTMH Stamp of the Month set.

Craft room tour 34a.jpg

Remember the old wooden stamp sets that CTMH used to carry? Well here are my complete sets, stored in the two painted boxes from my large storage shelf. I originally joined CTMH in 2003, then in the 2004-2005 catalog, the My Acrylix stamp sets were introduced! Therefore, I never really had time to amass a large quantity of rubber stamps. This is my compete collection!

Craft room tour 24a.jpg

Remember these older storage items from CTMH? Well, I still use them! And why not… the quality is fantastic (about 10 years old and going strong!), and I still have bits and pieces of older product in them to use up (yeah, I know I’m slow).

This is the last place that I store my stamps. The box holds my retired alphabet stamps and a little bit of ribbon. Scroll down to peek at what’s inside my cases…

Craft room tour 1a.jpg

The top case holds eyelets and an eyelet setting kit. Each small container is labeled with the eyelet’s color name. The middle kit holds all of my acrylic blocks. These are the original blocks that I bought when they first came out 10 years ago and I have never had to replace them! They are the BEST quality blocks I have ever come across! I use them almost daily, so they have had a lot of use but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. CTMH has since come out with a new case and insert for these blocks, but mine is still going strong. Although, I did have to purchase a new size of block, which unfortunately doesn’t have a space in this case.

The last case holds some retired CTMH Organdy Ribbon. I love these! It’s a shame that they were discontinued.

Craft room tour 2a.jpg

This is the other green basket on my large shelf. It holds some giveaway swag! I have a lot of stamp sets and some other items (all brand new) that I give away from time to time. Make sure to subscribe to my blog’s emails, so that you don’t miss your chance to win something! I also give away new Cricut cartridges, which are not represented in this basket.

Craft room tour 27a.jpg

Here are my home-made sponge daubers. First of all, my disclaimer… these are NOT great quality! I saw a tutorial about a year or so ago on how to make your own sponge daubers with just PVC pipe and make-up sponges. It worked like a charm and it was C-H-E-A-P… about $20 for 100 sponge daubers (including the cost of the PVC cutters, which was the majority of the cost). However, they don’t hold up really well (they shred and tear). BUT, I wanted a TON of daubers in every single current and retired CTMH ink color that I own, and purchasing the name brand daubers, plus the storage case and insert would have been about $170 plus tax and shipping. So, $200 or $20?

I have two containers of sponge daubers, but only the current colors (and a few extra) are shown. I cut a small strip of matching paper to go around each dauber and labeled them with my label maker. I made holes in floral foam to hold them all upright in their container.

Craft room tour 25a.jpg

And finally, I want to mention that I keep a craft inventory in a large 2.5″ binder. I don’t have every new item up to date, but it’s far more important for me to list outdated and retired product, so that I remember that I have it and know where to find it.

Here are a couple of pages from my stamp inventory. I stamp EVERY image that comes in the set, and list CTMH’s product number and/or name of the stamp. Then, I came up with my own numbering system to make them SUPER easy to find. If you look at the left page of the set below, you’ll notice that it says “M5” in the top left hand side of the page. If I am looking for an image and like one from this set, I will go into my pink (retired) baskets and look for M5, which you’ve probably guessed by now will be filed in order!

Each stamp is put in a certain category that I designate… for example,  the stamp sets on the right page below are titled “Stamps – Sentiments/Phrases.” Although this inventory took a lot of time to set up initially, it doesn’t take much time to maintain.

Craft room tour 30a.jpg

I use this system for everything! My binder has sections on papers, inks colors, punches, decorative scissors, markers, embossing powders, etc. If I own it, it will probably be in my binder. Although I need to update my newer stamp sets (the ones in the green bin), they will definitely be accounted for before they make their way to my retired stash, if not sooner!

Here is an example of the CTMH paper colors that I own. This includes both current and retired papers, and continues for another page or two (not shown).

Craft room tour 31a.jpg

I hope that you enjoyed Part 3 of my craft room tour! Remember, if you missed Part 1 or 2, you can find those here…

My Craft Space: Part 1

My Craft Space: Part 2

Thanks for viewing!

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My Craft Room: Part 2

Welcome back to my craft room… Part 2! If you missed Part 1, you can view it here.

Continuing around the room, here is the last wall to show. This wall houses my very large IKEA 25-cubby storage unit, as well as my home-made paper rack.

Craft room tour 15a.jpg

This large unit holds the majority of my scrapbooking supplies. All of my paper kits, pages in progress, albums in progress, vintage CTMH catalogs and retired paper colors have a home here.

Craft room tour 17a.jpg

On top of the unit, I have a few projects that I made… an interactive picture cube, a layered paper cake (you can view that post, here), a draw box for my vendor events, and some CTMH banner swag for my wall (you can view that post, here).

Craft room tour 16a.jpg

Here are my retired paper colors, as well as a lot of paper kits… some old and some new. I like to have things labeled and organized, so that I can be efficient when I craft and am not constantly searching for tools, papers, etc. I separate my papers by color and have added a small tag to each package so that I can grab a specific color quickly.

Also on this shelf are my Cuttlebug machine and accessories, stamps, sponge daubers, tools, Picture My Life items/projects, ready-to-go cards, albums (in progress) and binders. Finished scrapbooks are kept on shelving units in our den downstairs. that way, they can be SEEN and enjoyed!

Craft room tour 18a.jpg

Here is one of the areas that I keep Cricut supplies. The black binders house all of my physical cartridges. This is my entire collection, so I am not in need of any extravagant storage for them at this time. Isn’t that Cricut bug just the cutest?

Craft room tour 26a.jpg

On the right side of the storage unit, I have a 3M hook mounted for easy Cricut mat storage! Since the unit is so tall, even the longest Cricut mats hang with ease and are out of sight when you are in the room, since this backs up to a wall.

Craft room tour 3a.jpg

Most of the storage in the picture below is from the Dollar Store. Trendy buckets, baskets and clear storage containers are both easy to find, and affordable. To see inside some of my storage containers, make sure to go on to Part 3 of my craft space!

The green and blue boxes are from Pioneer. I purchased them white and then painted them the colors in my craft room to match!

Craft room tour 23a.jpg

This paper rack is home-made from wire storage cubes and zip ties. I don’t have a post on it, but if you are interested, you can Google it and you will find a ton of direction on how to make one of these.

On top of the paper rack are my paper trimmers, score board, and craft mat.

Craft room tour 19a.jpg

The paper rack holds only CURRENT Close To My Heart paper colors. Once a color is retired, it will find its way to the large storage unit and be filed under the corresponding paper color. This way, if I am looking to make a project to feature on my blog, I know that I am using only current product that people are able to get if they care to make the project themselves. Most Fridays, I feature a segment on this blog called “Flashback Friday,” where I use retired paper colors, packets, or projects to feature.

I made small tags, cut from the same paper color and labeled with my label maker, to show me where each paper is kept. I follow the layout of the most current CTMH catalog to store the papers. These labels are a little funky and twist around, but at least it helps keep me organized!

Craft room tour 20a.jpg

Look what’s hiding behind my score board… I made this picture with the Cricut “Storefront” and “Art Philosophy” cartridges. You can read more about that project here.

Craft room tour 21a.jpg

This room has a small walk-in closet. I plan to eventually deck it out with a ton of craft supplies, but for now, it is holding bins of toys. However, I did re-paint this nice over-the-door holder and add some CTMH love. The holder used to be purple, and when my daughter got out of her purple and peace sign phase, she wanted to junk it, but I had plans to re-purpose it instead! Now it’s the same lovely Lagoon color as other elements in the room, and I hang my CTMH backpack, name tag, and apron on the door.

Craft room tour 22a.jpg

I hope that you enjoyed Part 2 of my craft room tour. Be sure to come back tomorrow to get a closer look inside some of my storage systems!

I’ll see you in the craft room,

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My Craft Room: Part 1

Back in November, my craft room was featured on the Craft Storage Ideas website. But, I just realized that I never posted my room here! So here you go, today is Part 1 of 3 of my craft room.

Welcome to my craft room! Earlier this year, we converted a guest room into my new crafting space. Since this room contains a full 4-piece en suite, it does not leave a ton of floor space in the bedroom itself, but it is perfect for my needs and I am so happy to have my own space!

Please join me for this 3-part series into my craft room. Why a 3-part series? Well, there are a lot of large pictures associated with these posts, which can mean a long, slow load time for this page. Breaking up the picture-intensive posts makes it quicker for you to get to the pictures!

When you first enter the room, the bathroom is straight ahead. Then, you turn the corner and see this…

Craft room tour 7a.jpg

We’ll take a counter-clockwise tour of the room, starting with my main desk to the right of the entrance. The large black desk and turquoise chair are from IKEA. Within arms reach, I keep my basic supplies (scissors, glue, distressing tools, etc.), stamp pads and cleaners, markers and colored pencils, ready-made cards and envelope bases in white and off-white, ribbon, and some basic embellishments.

Craft room tour 8a.jpg

Here is my Close To My Heart ink and marker storage system. It swivels around to easily access all of my inks! CTMH switched to high quality ShinHan Touch Twin Markers this year. These markers are much wider than our old ones, and don’t fit in the original base, so it’s mainly stocked with older markers and colored pencils.

I included a dollar store basket on top to add a pop of color to the black tray (and to make a deeper storage unit). In the basket, I store my stamp cleaning pads/sprays, and some re-inkers.

Craft room tour 11a.jpg

This is my Recollections wall-mount storage unit. I use it mainly for embellishments, but also have some markers, watercolor pencils, and Stickles displayed and within easy reach. The bottom shelf came with a dowel for ribbon storage, but it’s such as inconvenience to take the entire thing apart every time a roll of ribbon runs out, that I ditched the dowel and now use the entire shelf for storage.

Craft room tour 9a.jpg

So where did my ribbon go? Full rolls of ribbon ended up on this nice unit below. Both the ribbon storage unit and the stamp storage unit are from Organize More. You may remember my Ribbon Storage Unit review over at the Craft Storage Ideas website, here? I love this unit because the ribbon rolls can be taken out and put back with ease… no dowels to thread them through!

The bottom organizer is actually a stamp/ribbon organizer (you can see the larger space and small dowel rod for holding the ribbon in place). However, I have way more stamp pads than ribbon, so I use it how I need it. This unit is filled with retired CTMH stamp pads. I bet you can spot the “old style” stamp pads right away…. they are smaller, and stored upside down to keep the ink at the top! I love the newest style pads with the swivel tops and the ink pads automatically stored upside down.

Craft room tour 10a.jpg
Here is the pegboard that I created earlier this year. You can see more on that post, here. I purchased the size of pegboard that I wanted, painted it white, and painted Lagoon-colored trim to go around the outside. As you can see, the board holds my decorative scissors, embellishments (retired CTMH embellishments front-and-center so that I remember to use them up!), a few tools, Mod Podge, and my embossing gun.

Craft room tour 4a.jpg

This small side table holds the most current CTMH Idea Book / Catalog, some How-To inspiration books for scrapbooking and cardmaking, a very large tape runner gun and my Washi tape dispenser. There is some memorabilia in the large, clear bin under the table.

Craft room tour 12a.jpg
Next to the table is an IKEA 8-cubby storage unit. I have so many different types of things stored here, it would be hard to list them all. But perhaps most notable, the pink baskets on the top shelf hold my retired CTMH stamp sets… the ones in the 6″ x 6″ envelopes. I have my old wooden stamps stored elsewhere. To see the inside of these baskets, and my wooden stamp storage, be sure to check out Part 3 of this series.

On top of the unit is my small ribbon storage. I wind the end pieces of ribbon around jumbo craft sticks. You can see the post here for more details.

Craft room tour 6a.jpg
Above the storage unit, I keep this frame of cards. I made the frame myself by purchasing an old picture from Goodwill that had an ugly, but sturdy frame. I discarded the old picture inside, lightly sanded the frame, applied a base coat of paint, crackle medium, then a top coat of paint. Once the frame cracked, split, and looked “antique,” I sealed it with a Mod Podge spray. I added screws with “eyes” to tie some jute string through both ends, and then use clothespins to hold my cards in place. Very rustic!

The cards inside are switched out seasonally. Right now they feature fall / Thanksgiving cards, Christmas / Holiday cards, and the November Stamp of the Month.

Craft room tour 33a.jpg
Here is a close-up of the crackled finish on the frame… and a cute polar bear, too!

Craft room tour 32a.jpg
Going around to the 3rd wall in the room, this is my Cricut desk. Above the desk is some family art that I made with the CTMH Skylark paper. The colors matched my wanna-be theme of blues and greens (and sometimes pink!). Under the desk are my large rolling CTMH tote and shoulder bag that I use for parties, crops, workshops, etc. It is HUGE! It carries a ton of product and has a nice telescoping handle to roll it all away with ease.

Craft room tour 5a.jpg
Here is a closer look at my Cricut desk. On it you will find… an Expression 2 Cricut machine, a jar full of tools, a laptop computer, and a Canon Selphy picture printer. Oh yeah, there is a cute owl clipboard that I made as well… just for a pop of color for the picture! You can see more altered clipboards in this post, here.

The Cricut heads were cut from the “Storefront” Cricut cartridge. The laptop is an old computer (well, old in computer years anyway) that we had and were planning on getting rid of… until my husband came up with the idea of using it as a dedicated Cricut computer! Now I don’t have to lug my laptop upstairs every time I want to make complicated cuts… I use it solely for the Cricut Craft Room!

Craft room tour 14a.jpg
I hope that you enjoyed the first part of this tour! I know that there’s only one wall left to show you… but it’s the biggest one, so you won’t want to miss it!

Thanks for viewing!

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Craft Storage Ideas: Scissor Storage

Today I am over at the Craft Storage Ideas (CSI) website with the first of this month’s Just One Tip for the New Year series. My topic is on scissor storage. If you have a lot of decorative scissors, you’ll want to head on over to the CSI website to see how creative people are storing their stash!

I’ll see you in the craft room,


Get Organized with a Giveaway

ink pad storage

Head on over to the Craft Storage Ideas website today to enter a great giveaway! Organize More is giving away a $60 gift certificate to pick from any of their products! You may choose something like the Pro Ink Organizer, as shown above, or a ribbon or combination organizer, like I have in my own craft room here:

Craft room tour 10a.jpg

All you have to do is leave a comment at the CSI site to be entered to win. If you aren’t chosen as the winner, Organize More is also offering a discount coupon good for 10% off your order.

I’ll see you in the craft room,