Which Ink Should I Use?

If the words pigment, dye, archival, and permanent ink have you confused, you are not alone! But don’t despair… deciding which ink to use is easy when you match it to your specific project.

In the latest Close To My Heart blog post called, 13 Tips for Becoming an Ink Expert, there are various tips and tricks to using specific inks for your projects, and a few ways to use your ink pads that you may have overlooked.

My favorite part of their blog post was the Which Ink Should I Use? Infographic. Take a look at the chart below and never doubt your ink choices again.

CTMH: Which Ink Should I Use?

Source: Close To My Heart

So, the next time you bring out your watercolors and wonder which are the best inks to produce a crisp, clear image and prevent bleeding of your colors, you will know!

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I’ll see you in the craft room,