Post-It Note Booklets

Post-It Note Booklets

I have been busy making dozens of different styles of Post-It Note Booklets for upcoming holiday craft fairs. I have 3 styles of booklets to show you today.

Post-It Note Booklets

These small booklets are easy to put together with scrap pieces of cardstock, simple embellishments, a post-it note pad, and a mini gel pen.

Post-It Note Booklets

Small “holders” for the pen were built into the design.

Post-It Note Booklets

I used patterned paper on the front and back of these books, which allowed the pattern to stand out and eliminated the need for heavy embellishing.

Post-It Note Booklets

This is a picture of the inside… you can see a small piece of ribbon, threaded through eyelets, and the post-it pad.

Post-It Note Booklets

Here is the pen out of its holder. This 2-pieces gift would make a cute stocking stuffer, teacher gift, etc.

I’ll see you in the craft room,

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