Amazing Marker Techniques!

CTMH ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

close to my heart CTMH shinhan touch twin marker

The Close To My Heart ShinHan Touch Twin Markers are such a pleasure to work with! They are high quality alcohol markers (right on par with brands like Copic), and feature a dual tip, thin and broad, ends.

Currently CTMH has 24 colors of markers, but more than 40 colors of paper. So how do you get your markers to match all that paper? Well, the artsy folks at CTMH played around with color combos and came up with very close matches.

close to my heart CTMH shinhan touch twin marker

To get your free copy of a blank marker chart, click here. Or, visit the Make It From You Heart Blog, to learn more about how the artists created those vibrant colors. For additional marker coloring techniques, see another post from the blog here.

Okay, so where is the AMAZING marker techniques part that I promised? It’s in the video below. If you are a seasoned colorist, some of these tips may not surprise you, but for most of us, we’ll learn something new 🙂

I’ll see you in the craft room,

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