Discover Your Promise Scrapbook Layout

Discover your promise 1a.jpg

Back in 2005, I attended the CTMH Leadership Conference. The theme was “Discover Your Promise,” and we made these absolutely gorgeous 9″ x 9″ scrapbook pages that focused on leadership traits and charting your course.

Discover your promise 2a.jpg

The sentiments above read: “Leadership,” “Workmanship,” and “Stewardship.”

Discover your promise 3a.jpg

I really like the look of waves on this page. By ripping the cardstock to reveal its white core, a wavy ocean effect was created!

Discover your promise 4a.jpg

The stamp set used for these pages was amazing! I absolutely love the antique travel look.

Discover your promise 5a.jpg

The stamped images here were done on a separate piece of cardstock, and then layered with the chocolate cardstock. Being careful not to glue where the stamped image was, I cut a hole in the chocolate cardstock, then ripped some away and peeled the remaining pieces back to reveal the stamped sentiments underneath!

I’ll see you in the craft room,

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