My Craft Room: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my craft room tour! If you missed Part 1 or 2, you can view them here and here. In this part, we will take a closer look inside some of my baskets, boxes, and bins to see how I store some of my items.

I picked up these long pink baskets about 8 years or so ago at Walmart for $5 each. I saw a post somewhere about these being a perfect size to store CTMH’s 6″ x 6″ My Acrylix stamp sets… and they were correct! I have since tried to find these again, but haven’t been successful. *Sigh*

These baskets hold my retired stamp sets that I plan to keep, as well as some older, but still valid, Cricut-compatible stamp sets.

Craft room tour 36a.jpg

One of the green baskets on my large shelf holds my current stamp sets that I am actively working / creating with.

Craft room tour 35a.jpg

Okay, when you first enter my craft room, there is a bathroom straight ahead and a little bit of a hallway that has room enough for a large wooden shelf unit. I didn’t show any pictures of this in my last posts. It’s mainly my Etsy / shipping center, where anything for sale, ready to ship, extra padded envelopes, etc. are kept. It isn’t particularly crafty, except for these white storage bins.

I purchased 4 3-drawer bins from Target to hold my current projects, papers, stamp sets, and stamp of the month sets, all organized by month. The first bin (not pictured) starts with August, as this is the first month that the CTMH catalog goes live every year. So, I have an August, September, October bin, a November, December, January bin, etc. Here is a picture of my current drawers. As of the writing of this post, we are in November, and I am working on the “Pathfinding” papers, kits, and stamps this month. Each bin also houses any stamp sets from the Workshops on the Go Kits, and the current CTMH Stamp of the Month set.

Craft room tour 34a.jpg

Remember the old wooden stamp sets that CTMH used to carry? Well here are my complete sets, stored in the two painted boxes from my large storage shelf. I originally joined CTMH in 2003, then in the 2004-2005 catalog, the My Acrylix stamp sets were introduced! Therefore, I never really had time to amass a large quantity of rubber stamps. This is my compete collection!

Craft room tour 24a.jpg

Remember these older storage items from CTMH? Well, I still use them! And why not… the quality is fantastic (about 10 years old and going strong!), and I still have bits and pieces of older product in them to use up (yeah, I know I’m slow).

This is the last place that I store my stamps. The box holds my retired alphabet stamps and a little bit of ribbon. Scroll down to peek at what’s inside my cases…

Craft room tour 1a.jpg

The top case holds eyelets and an eyelet setting kit. Each small container is labeled with the eyelet’s color name. The middle kit holds all of my acrylic blocks. These are the original blocks that I bought when they first came out 10 years ago and I have never had to replace them! They are the BEST quality blocks I have ever come across! I use them almost daily, so they have had a lot of use but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. CTMH has since come out with a new case and insert for these blocks, but mine is still going strong. Although, I did have to purchase a new size of block, which unfortunately doesn’t have a space in this case.

The last case holds some retired CTMH Organdy Ribbon. I love these! It’s a shame that they were discontinued.

Craft room tour 2a.jpg

This is the other green basket on my large shelf. It holds some giveaway swag! I have a lot of stamp sets and some other items (all brand new) that I give away from time to time. Make sure to subscribe to my blog’s emails, so that you don’t miss your chance to win something! I also give away new Cricut cartridges, which are not represented in this basket.

Craft room tour 27a.jpg

Here are my home-made sponge daubers. First of all, my disclaimer… these are NOT great quality! I saw a tutorial about a year or so ago on how to make your own sponge daubers with just PVC pipe and make-up sponges. It worked like a charm and it was C-H-E-A-P… about $20 for 100 sponge daubers (including the cost of the PVC cutters, which was the majority of the cost). However, they don’t hold up really well (they shred and tear). BUT, I wanted a TON of daubers in every single current and retired CTMH ink color that I own, and purchasing the name brand daubers, plus the storage case and insert would have been about $170 plus tax and shipping. So, $200 or $20?

I have two containers of sponge daubers, but only the current colors (and a few extra) are shown. I cut a small strip of matching paper to go around each dauber and labeled them with my label maker. I made holes in floral foam to hold them all upright in their container.

Craft room tour 25a.jpg

And finally, I want to mention that I keep a craft inventory in a large 2.5″ binder. I don’t have every new item up to date, but it’s far more important for me to list outdated and retired product, so that I remember that I have it and know where to find it.

Here are a couple of pages from my stamp inventory. I stamp EVERY image that comes in the set, and list CTMH’s product number and/or name of the stamp. Then, I came up with my own numbering system to make them SUPER easy to find. If you look at the left page of the set below, you’ll notice that it says “M5” in the top left hand side of the page. If I am looking for an image and like one from this set, I will go into my pink (retired) baskets and look for M5, which you’ve probably guessed by now will be filed in order!

Each stamp is put in a certain category that I designate… for example,  the stamp sets on the right page below are titled “Stamps – Sentiments/Phrases.” Although this inventory took a lot of time to set up initially, it doesn’t take much time to maintain.

Craft room tour 30a.jpg

I use this system for everything! My binder has sections on papers, inks colors, punches, decorative scissors, markers, embossing powders, etc. If I own it, it will probably be in my binder. Although I need to update my newer stamp sets (the ones in the green bin), they will definitely be accounted for before they make their way to my retired stash, if not sooner!

Here is an example of the CTMH paper colors that I own. This includes both current and retired papers, and continues for another page or two (not shown).

Craft room tour 31a.jpg

I hope that you enjoyed Part 3 of my craft room tour! Remember, if you missed Part 1 or 2, you can find those here…

My Craft Space: Part 1

My Craft Space: Part 2

Thanks for viewing!

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