My Craft Room: Part 2

Welcome back to my craft room… Part 2! If you missed Part 1, you can view it here.

Continuing around the room, here is the last wall to show. This wall houses my very large IKEA 25-cubby storage unit, as well as my home-made paper rack.

Craft room tour 15a.jpg

This large unit holds the majority of my scrapbooking supplies. All of my paper kits, pages in progress, albums in progress, vintage CTMH catalogs and retired paper colors have a home here.

Craft room tour 17a.jpg

On top of the unit, I have a few projects that I made… an interactive picture cube, a layered paper cake (you can view that post, here), a draw box for my vendor events, and some CTMH banner swag for my wall (you can view that post, here).

Craft room tour 16a.jpg

Here are my retired paper colors, as well as a lot of paper kits… some old and some new. I like to have things labeled and organized, so that I can be efficient when I craft and am not constantly searching for tools, papers, etc. I separate my papers by color and have added a small tag to each package so that I can grab a specific color quickly.

Also on this shelf are my Cuttlebug machine and accessories, stamps, sponge daubers, tools, Picture My Life items/projects, ready-to-go cards, albums (in progress) and binders. Finished scrapbooks are kept on shelving units in our den downstairs. that way, they can be SEEN and enjoyed!

Craft room tour 18a.jpg

Here is one of the areas that I keep Cricut supplies. The black binders house all of my physical cartridges. This is my entire collection, so I am not in need of any extravagant storage for them at this time. Isn’t that Cricut bug just the cutest?

Craft room tour 26a.jpg

On the right side of the storage unit, I have a 3M hook mounted for easy Cricut mat storage! Since the unit is so tall, even the longest Cricut mats hang with ease and are out of sight when you are in the room, since this backs up to a wall.

Craft room tour 3a.jpg

Most of the storage in the picture below is from the Dollar Store. Trendy buckets, baskets and clear storage containers are both easy to find, and affordable. To see inside some of my storage containers, make sure to go on to Part 3 of my craft space!

The green and blue boxes are from Pioneer. I purchased them white and then painted them the colors in my craft room to match!

Craft room tour 23a.jpg

This paper rack is home-made from wire storage cubes and zip ties. I don’t have a post on it, but if you are interested, you can Google it and you will find a ton of direction on how to make one of these.

On top of the paper rack are my paper trimmers, score board, and craft mat.

Craft room tour 19a.jpg

The paper rack holds only CURRENT Close To My Heart paper colors. Once a color is retired, it will find its way to the large storage unit and be filed under the corresponding paper color. This way, if I am looking to make a project to feature on my blog, I know that I am using only current product that people are able to get if they care to make the project themselves. Most Fridays, I feature a segment on this blog called “Flashback Friday,” where I use retired paper colors, packets, or projects to feature.

I made small tags, cut from the same paper color and labeled with my label maker, to show me where each paper is kept. I follow the layout of the most current CTMH catalog to store the papers. These labels are a little funky and twist around, but at least it helps keep me organized!

Craft room tour 20a.jpg

Look what’s hiding behind my score board… I made this picture with the Cricut “Storefront” and “Art Philosophy” cartridges. You can read more about that project here.

Craft room tour 21a.jpg

This room has a small walk-in closet. I plan to eventually deck it out with a ton of craft supplies, but for now, it is holding bins of toys. However, I did re-paint this nice over-the-door holder and add some CTMH love. The holder used to be purple, and when my daughter got out of her purple and peace sign phase, she wanted to junk it, but I had plans to re-purpose it instead! Now it’s the same lovely Lagoon color as other elements in the room, and I hang my CTMH backpack, name tag, and apron on the door.

Craft room tour 22a.jpg

I hope that you enjoyed Part 2 of my craft room tour. Be sure to come back tomorrow to get a closer look inside some of my storage systems!

I’ll see you in the craft room,

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