Cricut Deals


While perusing Amazon this morning, I came across some great Cricut deals on cartridges and accessories and thought that you might like to know about them as well! Amazon deals fluctuate regularly, so jump on these before they are out of stock, or the price goes up!


[amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B00ITBF2FK][amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B000XANNVA][amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B0047Z4GOU][amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B000Z4AVSW]


[amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B00BD10GZ4][amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B00DYSRE9K][amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B00B9TWNUG][amazon template=iframe image&chan=scrapsue-20&asin=B00E05HECS]

Happy Savings!


*I am not associated with Cricut, I just love their products! However, this page contains affiliate links through Amazon. If you purchase anything through my affiliate links, I may receive a small referral fee. Please see my Disclosure Policy for a full explanation. Thank you for supporting my site!

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