Join Me For The "Bundles and Bling" Facebook Party!

We are going to have a blast on Facebook! Please join me for this fast-paced, fun-filled event on August 2, 2014 from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. The brand new Close To My Heart Idea Book / Catalog will go live to customers on August 1st, and we will get together on the 2nd to see what’s new!

I am calling this event “Bundles and Bling” because I am offering exclusive product bundles at the event, and with each bundle purchased, you will get some FREE bling! However, there is no purchase required to attend this event. If you would like to attend just to find out more about Close To My Heart’s new products, you are more than welcome to join us!

If you are on my customer mailing list, you will receive a special invitation to join a group for this exclusive event. If you are not on my list but are interested in joining the fun, please email me and let me know that you would like to join the “Bundles and Bling” Facebook event. 

For those that would like to party but are unable to make this particular date and time, don’t worry, I will be adding additional events based on interest.

Invite as many friends as you can as I will be giving out virtual tickets for each friend that you bring! The more tickets you earn, the greater chance of winning the grand prize of Mystery Hostess! The Mystery Hostess will receive all of the FREE Close To My Heart Hostess Rewards (FREE Products!) based on a qualifying event.

Please accept my Facebook invite when you receive it, and start inviting your friends right away! If you don’t receive an invite or want to to get in to the party, just shoot me an email.

I’ll see you on Facebook!

 photo 7cc18a5f-d2ee-4e7d-b3ad-5b08f381063f_zps9cef04c2.png

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