Flashback Friday #4: Where It All Began

It’s time for a little bit of nostalgia today for Flashback Friday!

In 2 weeks from today, Close To My Heart will be having our annual convention in Anaheim, CA. Convention is one of THE most exciting event of the year! I’ve never heard so much screaming and excitement in my life. There is more energy at convention, than from tweenie girls at a Justin Bieber concert… believe me, I’ve taken my daughter to 2 JB concerts and they are INSANE!

Since convention is coming up, I’ve been getting nostalgic about when I first joined Close To My Heart. Let me take you back to October 2003… 

I was 3 months from celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart. I had a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I was a stay-at-home mom. And, I was about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of my life!

Here is a picture of me, circa 2003, with Jeanette Lynton, the Founder, CEO, and artistic genius behind Close To My Heart.

I had many reasons for wanting to take this journey (and yes, it HAS been a journey!). Some people join a direct selling company like this for the amazing discount we are given on our fabulous products. I did. 

Some people join to get out of the house and interact with wonderful groups of ladies, while showing our products and teaching crafty classes. Yep, I also joined for that reason. 

Some people join to get new and exciting ideas and inspiration from our Idea Books, training classes, and company videos. Yes please, I’ll take that, too!

Some people join for the camaraderie they get from interacting with other consultants, and the friendships that they make with like-minded people. Oh yes, I also joined for that.

Some people join and develop long-lasting relationships and friendships with customers. When you spend months or years together doing clubs or workshops, you tend to know each other really well! I joined for that, too.

Some people join to own their own business, whether to bring in extra income for their family, or to quit their day job. How about the incredible amount of flexibility, and the opportunity to stay home with your children and not miss a moment of their fleeting childhood? I also joined for that reason!

Some people join for the recognition and rewards. Earning money, free products, free exotic trips. The thrill of promoting to different levels within the company, and possibly being recognized in our monthly newsletter, or on stage at convention. Yes, I LOVE those perks, and am always striving for success!

When people ask me, “Why Close To My Heart?”, I give them all of these reasons. For some people, just one or two of these reasons is a motivating factor, and that’s great! For me, I had so many solid reasons to be a part of this company, I just couldn’t say no. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the display boards of new product we had back in 2003:
Absolutely gorgeous products! I couldn’t wait to receive my discount and get my hand on these products! Receiving my New Consultant’s Kit was one of the most exciting days of my life (You think I’m exaggerating? Order your own kit, and you’ll see… ;o). New opportunities. New adventures. A new business!

I started out building a nice business with some wonderful ladies that joined my team. We had a great time!

Over the years, I have moved a few times and gone back to school. I have had to start over a few times, but the beauty of this business is that it is always there for you when you are ready for the opportunity. However, consistency is the key to success overall. My only regret is losing my entire team during one of these transitions.

If I had to really narrow down my biggest reason for being part of this business, it would be for the interaction and relationships. Whether it be from the camaraderie between team members, the friendship that develops from a “customer”, to the joy I receive over getting a simple comment or a follower on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., it’s all about having fun with others. Of course the discounts, income, recognition, etc. are great perks, too! I would never forget about those, as they are also a huge motivating factor.

I REALLY love my job! How many people can truly say THAT?

Thank you for spending some of your time with me today. I value each and every reader!

I’ll see you in the craft room,
 photo 7cc18a5f-d2ee-4e7d-b3ad-5b08f381063f_zps9cef04c2.png

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