Bring on the Bling!

So why on earth would a scrapbooker be showing jewelry on her blog? Because these little beauties were made with Close To My Heart’s Base and Bling line of products. The adorable pieces inside of each necklace are actually little paper stickers.

They look soooo elegant but are super simple to put together, budget friendly, and adaptable! You can buy a chain (or use your own), and then switch out the pendants and charms to match your outfit, or your mood.

Let me show you how easy it is to customize a necklace. First, you need a chain:

Then you will need a pendant as the base for your creation:

Now comes the really fun part… choosing your design theme! Are you a crafting queen? Do you like geometric shapes and on-trend colors? Are you hip (or know someone who is…lol!)? Or, perhaps you are inspired by something a little more vintage?

Just look at all of those options you get on each sheet! When choosing your design, note that some of the stickers will work better with a square pendant. For example, some words made be cut off around the edges if you use it on a circle pendant. If you are using just a shape, you may not mind having the corners cut off.

Since the pendants and glass covers come three to a package, you are able to create three projects with one order! If you have more stickers than necklaces you wish to make, they will work great in your scrapbooks, or on hand-made cards.

Let’s finish off the necklace. Once your sticker is adhered to the pendant, you will need to attach the glass cover over the entire project. I recommend using Liquid Glass for this, as it is a very strong adhesive and creates a glassy look, which will be complemented under the glass cover.

Now you are done with the actual necklace. If you want to pretty it up even more, you can add complementary charms:

And that’s all there is to it. Easy to make, high impact jewelry at an affordable price! For about $20.00, you can make enough for 3 necklaces (1 chain and 3 finished pendants with charms), and have a bunch of stickers left over.

To see how it all works, check out this video:

There are also other options in the Base and Bling line, such as: a different necklace style, headband, hair clips, rings, and wrist cuff, as well as sheets of jewels for embellishing them. To check out these items, please go HERE.   

Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll see you in the craft room,

 photo 7cc18a5f-d2ee-4e7d-b3ad-5b08f381063f_zps9cef04c2.png

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