My Paper Doll Obsession

What is it about paper dolls that make them so dang adorable? Ever since I can remember, I have loved paper dolls. As a child, I enjoyed the books of cut out dolls and clothing. I would cut around the tabs with great care as not to ruin any potential doll outfit. Each doll would be handled with care and lovingly tucked away at the end of play time.

These days, I no longer “play” with dolls, but I do love to create my own for my scrapbooks and cards. I especially like to make look-alike dolls of whomever I am scrapbooking. Here, let me show you…

This is my son…

…and, this is my daughter.

I recently created these dolls to match my kids and their soccer uniforms from when they were younger. I was getting so many compliments on my paper dolls, that I decided to sell them and opened up an Etsy shop, where I make customized paper dolls. Or maybe I should say, WILL make, since I only opened a few days ago and have not yet received my first order.

If you are obsessed with paper dolls (like me!), or just need a little cuteness in your day, you can check out my paper dolls here…
Thanks for looking!


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